Crop Seasons in India

Three Crop Seasons in India

Crop Seasons in India

Crop Seasons in India

There are three main crop seasons in India. They are

  1. Rabi
  2. Kharif and
  3. Zayad.

Crop seasons in India is a very hot topic for any competitive examination and very often examiners ask which crop belongs to which crop  seasons or the time period of any crop seasons. Here we have listed down the most important points of crop seasons in India.

  1. Rabi Crop

    • Mainly starts after the Rainy Season and often termed as Winter Season Crops.
    • Showing begins in September-October and harvesting takes place in February-Mach.
    • Examples –
      • Wheat
      • Barley
      • Pulses
      • Some Oil Seeds.
  2. Kharif Crop

    • These are monsson crops.
    • begins with the onset of the monsoons in June-July.
    • Crops grows in rainy season and harvesting takes place after the end of Monsoon around September-October Month.
    • Examples –
      • Rice
      • Maize
      • Millet
      • Cotton
      • Groundnut
      • Jute
  3. Zayad Crop / Zaid Crops

    • Mainly Summer Crops
    • Sowing starts between March & June ( Between Kharif and Rabi ).
    • Requires dry and warm weather.
    • Products are mainly vegetables and fruits.

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