Different Sources of the Indian Constitution

Sources of the Indian Constitution

Sources of the Indian Constitution

Different Sources of the Indian Constitution

India has world’s largest written constitution. It took around 2 years 11 month 18 days to write and finalize the entire constitution. A separate constituent assembly was formed to write and finalize it. Though many criticize that it is a borrowed constitution since various provisions of this constitution is borrowed from constitutions of different countries, it is like a bouquet with the best flowers picked up from different gardens.

Sources of Indian Constitution :

Government of India Act, 1935:

  • This Act formed the basis or ‘blueprint’ of the Constitution of India with the features of
    • Federal system
    • Office of Governor
    • Emergency provisions
    • Public Service Commission
    • Judiciary

Constitution of Britain:

    • Writs
    • Law-making procedures
    • Rule of law
    • Single citizenship
    • Bicameral Parliamentary system
    • Office of CAG.

Constitution of USA:

    • Independence of judicial review
    • Fundamental rights
    • Removal of Supreme Court and High Court judges
    • Preamble and functions of President and Vice-President.
    • Judicial Review

Constitution of Canada:

    • Federation with strong Centre  to provide residuary powers to the Centre
    • Supreme Court’s advisory jurisdiction
    • Centre appoints the Governors of states

Constitution of Ireland:

    • Directive Principles of State policy
    • Method of presidential elections
    • Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha by the President.

Weimar Constitution of Germany:

    • Provisions concerning the suspension of fundamental rights during emergency.

 Australian Constitution:

    • Concurrent List
    • Provision Regarding Trade
    • Commerce and industry
    • Languages of the Preamble.

South African Constitution:

    • Procedure of Constitutional Amendment.

Constitution of France:

    • Republican of Liberty
    • Equality and Fraternity.

Constitution of Australia:

    • Idea of the Concurrent List.
    • Freedom of trade and commerce
    • joint sitting of two houses of Parliament

Constitution of South Africa:

    • Amendment with 2/3rd majority in Parliament.
    • Election of members of the Rajya Sabha

Constitution of former USSR:

    • Fundamental Duties.
    • The ideals of social, economic and political Justice.

Constitution of former JAPAN :

    • Procedure established by law.

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