Comprehensive English Set-2

Comprehensive English Set

Here is 10 Questions of Comprehensive English Set. Check how many of them you can correctly score.

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  • Question of

    Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below. Genre

    • A grand tour
    • A specific category
    • A chauffeur
    • A long list
  • Question of

    Fear of being confined to small place.

    • Cellophobia
    • Chronophobia
    • Claustrophobia
    • Cynophobia
  • Question of

    Choose the most appropriate word to fill up the gap. I had _______ something wrong as soon as I reached the spot.

    • Understood
    • Realized
    • Guessed
    • Smelt
  • Question of

    ‘To blow one’s trumpet’ means to

    • Defeat someone
    • Ridicule someone
    • Praise oneself
    • Ignore someone
  • Question of

    Choose the correctly spelt word.

    • Ommission
    • Omision
    • Omission
    • Ommision
  • Question of

    Choose the mis-spelt word.

    • Controversial
    • Contemplate
    • Contemporery
  • Question of

    Pick up the choice which is most opposite in meaning to the word written in capital. He CONFESSED having done a mistake.

    • Granted
    • Conceded
    • Acknowledged
    • Concealed
  • Question of

    To look down upon means to

    • Investigate
    • Despise
    • Take care of
    • Search for a lost thing
  • Question of

    One who is a lover of self.

    • Pacifist
    • Narcissist
    • Novice
    • Pessimist
  • Question of

    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pairs. I’m going to Chennai _____Monday ____tour.

    • On,of
    • On,on
    • In,with
    • Of,on


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