Comprehensive English Set-9

Comprehensive English Set

Comprehensive English MCQ Practice Set – 9

Here is 10 MCQ Questions of Comprehensive English Set. Check how many of them you can correctly score.

Best of luck.

  • Question of

    Choose the one which is nearest in meaning to the word written in capital. Hearing the news, the workers were in a state of EUPHORIA.

    • Pleasant excitement
    • Intense indignation
    • Utter depression
    • Great disorder
  • Question of

    Select the word which is opposite in meaning to the word written in capital. The gatekeeper ought to be more VIGILANT these days.

    • Irresponsible
    • Ignorant
    • Careless
    • Innocent
  • Question of

    One desirous of getting money

    • Avaricious
    • Voracious
    • Garrulous
    • Greedy
  • Question of

    Choose the correctly spelt word

    • Lauriate
    • Laureate
    • Laureat
    • Lauriat
  • Question of

    Incapable of being wounded

    • Invulnerable
    • Invincible
    • Infallible
    • Impregnable
  • Question of

    Improve the sentence. It is essential to thoroughly clean the machine after each use.

    • To thorough clean
    • To clean thorough
    • To thoroughly cleaning
    • No correction required
  • Question of

    Find out which part of the sentence has an error. The manager called the clerk and said whether (a) / he was in the habit of (b) / sleeping at home as well. (c) / No error (d)

    • a
    • b
    • c
    • d
  • Question of

    Select the correct meaning of the phrasal verb. CALL UP

    • Ask to come for help
    • Recall
    • Appeal
    • Go and visit a person
  • Question of

    Pick out the most appropriate pair to fill in the blanks. He was too ______ to ______ that he had been wrong.

    • Docile, accept
    • Polite, agree
    • Nervous, rejoice
    • Obstinate, admit
    • Determined, promise
  • Question of

    One whose attitude is ‘eat, drink and be merry’.

    • Epicurean
    • Cynic
    • Materialistic
    • Stoic


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