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  • Question of

    Birds of the same feather

    • Persons of same caste
    • Persons of same colour
    • Birds with same type of feather
    • Persons of same character
  • Question of

    The young boy was ‘kicking his hills’ inspite of his mother’s stern warning

    • Playing happily
    • Kicking someone
    • Wasting time
    • Passing a gesture of disrespect
  • Question of

    To put a spoke in one’s wheel

    • To repair one’s cycle
    • To hinder
    • To trip a rider
    • To add an extra wheel
  • Question of

    When Anshul told everyone that he had resigned his job all the members in the family were ‘at their wit’s end’.

    • Very serious
    • Quite angry
    • Quite perplexed
    • Absolutely satisfied
  • Question of

    I shall always remember my ‘alma mater’ with gratitude.

    • Institution where I got education
    • Teacher who inspired me
    • Mother’s loving care
    • Kindergarten days
  • Question of

    To call it a day

    • Put off work for another day
    • The day was marvellous
    • Decide to finish working
    • Give the day a name
  • Question of

    I am going to stay at home because I am feeling ‘under the weather’ today.

    • Unhappy
    • Depressed
    • Irritated
    • Sick
  • Question of

    I did not mind what he was saying, he was only ‘talking through his hat’.

    • Talking insultingly
    • Talking irresponsibly
    • Talking ignorantly
    • Talking nonsense
  • Question of

    Wolf in sheep’s clothing

    • Hypocrite
    • Wise person
    • Foolish
    • Quarrelsome person
  • Question of

    Communicative English is the ‘Achilles’ heel’ for most of the job aspirants.

    • Weak spot
    • Source of strength
    • What they cherish most
    • Top priority
  • Question of

    Donkey’s years

    • A decade
    • A long time
    • A century
    • Since school days
  • Question of

    A stiff necked person

    • Honest and open
    • An obstinate person
    • Ordinary Person
    • Quarrelsome person
  • Question of

    Turn over a new leaf

    • Change one’s behaviour for the better
    • Read between the pages of a book
    • Do a somersault
    • Do a new job
  • Question of

    Winter was so bad that the Nomadic tribesmen found it difficult ‘to keep the wolf from the door’.

    • Hunt wild animals
    • Escape starvation
    • Get woolen clothes
    • Walk on ice
  • Question of

    Gift of the gab

    • Receive a precious gift
    • Achieve sudden greatness
    • Have the ability to adapt
    • Have the talent to speak well
  • Question of

    Bite your tongue

    • Talk for a long time
    • Be impossible to be understood
    • Get bruises in the mouth
    • Stop yourself from saying something
  • Question of

    He has set up his business as he knows the ‘Ins and outs’ of it.

    • Usefulness
    • Importance
    • Details
    • Difficulties
  • Question of


    • Walking in a zigzag manner,especially under the influence of alcohol
    • Rich people but who are shallow and greedy
    • Doing a job haphazardly
    • Meaningless talk or activity, typically designed to trick someone
  • Question of

    To carry the day

    • To postpone to the next day
    • To bear grudge
    • To win a contest
    • To do things in a hurry
  • Question of

    Saved by the bell

    • When time is in your favour
    • Saved at the last moment
    • The bell rings at the most opportune time
    • Prayers are answered when the church bell rings


Written by Ankita Roy

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Comprehensive English Set